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Advertise with us

Our Adverts: we’ve 4 categories of Adverts styles for you!

  • Image: a good option for those who’ve designed graphic adverts, mock-up or logo for their business, brand, church programs, and more.
  • Link: a perfect option for those who want readers or customers to visit their business or brand platforms directly, to see catalogs, through whatsapp, facebook, email, telegram, instagram, website, and others.
  • Audio: do you have a recorded jingle, music, or message that you want listeners to hear? If yes, this is best for you; this is also a perfect option for musicians, preachers, and teachers.
  • Video: if you’ve a visual graphic design of your business, brand, church or ministry, this is best for you; this help viewers to watch you or your advertisement, with just a click. Recommendable for musicians, video skit makers, teachers, motivational speakers, preachers, and others.
Discount: You can combine 2 advert together, depending on your pockets/budgets (advertise image and link (₦3,000), video and audio (₦6,500), image and audio (₦3,500), video and link (₦6,000). Get in touch below for your adverts placements:

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